What Has Changed in seo Industry in 2019?

Seo has seen some great growth over the past few years and 2019 promises to be no different. With the rapid growth in internet technology and digital devices, search engine optimization is set for some improvements in 2019. These changes stretch from mobile devices, web speed and many more. Most of these improvements have mostly been influenced by Google. TO make your seo strategy succeed in 2019, you definitely need to understand some of the improvements and start working on them.

Greater Emphasis on Voice Search

Voice search has been incorporated in many platforms. These include operating systems on computers and even more on mobile devices. There is a great shift to voice commands and searches. These feature is expected to grow exponentially in 2019 and you better put this in when it comes to your seo plan. It is expected that by 2020, voice search will contribute to around fifty percent if not more, searches. As a result, search engine optimization will require substantial changes and capitalize on this. The traditional approach has been to conform content to keywords but as we look more towards voice search, this will require an upgrade. Keywords will need to be structured to suit people who use voice searches. For instance, more voice searchers will tend to use questions: Different questions have different leads that can create an idea of what the user is looking for. A user with a Where questions, will most likely be looking for places to buy a product and are ready to purchase.

Optimization for Mobile

This is something you have come across in the previous years, but in 2019, optimization for mobile is set to become even bigger. A lot of users have been seen to browse websites using their mobile devices. This has been brought about by the rapid improvement in mobile capabilities, with only a few tasks left to personal computers. The demand for mobile friendly sites and tools is growing fast and you need to ensure it does not cause failure of your seo approach. The use of mobile is so big, that even Google uses it to rank websites. A recent announcement by the company indicated that their Google AdWords would check if the lending pages were mobile friendly.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been primarily used to perform function close to those of human beings and Google is taking advantage of this. There are thousands of sites out there and search engines such as Google cannot physically access all of them. Google therefore employs artificial intelligence that copies human behaviour while visiting the sites. It is able to engage with the sites the same way a real human being would and from that, obtain information on how friendly the site is to the user.

Thought Provoking Content

Search engine optimization has placed great emphasis on quality content and this has worked well for the previous years. As time moves on however, readers tend to change their way of thinking and liking. Readers all over the world are more inclined to content that engages with them, showing a certain degree of care from the company. As we move into 2019, this is definitely poised to grow. Readers will definitely stick to content that they easily connect to. The challenge is therefore, to do more research on your clients and provide content that is in sync with their way of life and thinking. The factors driving search engine optimization are evolving by the day. To be on top of the game, the best you can do is ensure you do understand these trends, master them and use them to grow your business. It is by the ability to adapt that you can grow and prosper.