10 Stunning Tips on How To Write Great Content Like a Ninja

How to write great content

With great content comes great traffic. These ten easy to follow tips will help you write great content:

SEO HERO’s Content Writing Tips


  1. Use ‘modifiers’ to give life to your page titles

Modifiers are words that breathe life in a dead sentence. Here are two web page titles for example:

  • Google Ranking Signals
  • Top 20 Google Ranking Signals in 2017

People are more likely to click on the second title. Making your title short or sweet does not generate more traffic for your website. We added the modifiers Top and 2017 to give it life. When you use these modifiers, you get more people to click on your site in search results.

Tip: Use these modifiers to add life to your web page titles:
Ultimate, 2017, most, epic, perfect, how to, top, essential, best, tips, easy, simple, fast, checklist, guidelines.

  1. Use ‘Hangers’ to increase on page time & reduce the bounce rate

Hangers are words that you use to keep the flow going from one sentence to the other. What these words do is, is that they connect one part of your web page content to the second one and so on. With these words, your visitors hang on to the page and don’t press the back button. Few examples:

‘What does this mean for you?’

‘You have to ask yourself.’

‘Want to know the best part?’

These words can be used anywhere on the page where you feel like that your content might be getting a little boring.

Tip: Use these great hangers to keep the flow going:
Look, here’s why, fair enough, this is insane, you see, what’s the bottom line?, best of all, think about it, my experience is, and you don’t stop there, what’s more, good news, now.

  1. Check answer websites and forums to find the words people use frequently

Use answer sites like Quora, Yahoo, niche forums, etc. and see the words people use when asking questions. Incorporating those words in your content will help you stand out in Google because if these issues are being posted on these websites, then they probably have been searched on Google too. Use them in your content intelligently.

  1. Write SEO optimized content

So, you’ve written something great on a topic, and it answers all the questions someone might have. Next, you need to optimize your content in a way that it appears in Google.

SEO optimized content means optimizing your content in a way that it is friendly for search engines.

Five simple things to do here are:

  • Use your target keyword in H1, title tag, first paragraph, meta description & URL of the page.
  • Have a keyword density of not more than 4% and not less than 1%.
  • Optimize and compress images
  • Remove duplicate content
  • Use relevant outbound & internal links
  1. Add LSI keywords to generate more traffic

Google does not care about how many times a keyword is used in the content rather Google targets the Latent Semantic Keywords to boost the rankings. Latent Semantic keywords or LSI keywords are used to express the content of your page in a better way. In simple English, it means words which are closely related to the main keyword of your page.

For example, There are three websites. The first site sells guitars. The second site lets you download guitar games. The third website helps people learn guitar.

Now, Google checks and differentiates by looking for these possible words in your content:

  • Guitars for sale
  • Guitar games for kids
  • Download free guitar games
  • Fender electric guitar
  • How to play acoustic guitar for beginners

You can look for LSI keywords related to your main keyword by looking at the ‘searches related to’ section at the bottom of any Google search page and use the relevant ones in your content.

Searches related to


  1. Answer the queries of the audiences with your content

Your content must be able to respond to the questions your visitor has. That’s why they are on your page! If your page is unable to answer their query, it’s just not useful for them. When you create a page on your website, ask yourself: Will this help my visitors?

  1. Make your content fun to read, add videos and images to keep the readers engaged

So you’ve written an excellent piece that reflects your knowledge of the subject and prolific writing skills. Now, add some pictures, videos, etc. to delight them and keep them engaged.

  1. Be accurate & precise while providing information

When providing information on your website, you need to ensure that it is precise & accurate. Always quote credible sources to back up your content. The accuracy of the information that you provide is important. Wrong information will affect the credibility of your website.

Remember, a credible website gets repeat visitors/more traffic.

  1. Add a ‘Call to action’ trait in your content

A ninja never flees from action; similarly, your content should not miss the call to action attribute. Example: You write a simple post and want that to be shared on social media. Just ask your audience at the end of the post if they would like to share it. Other examples include a buy or subscribe to newsletter call to action.

  1. Avoid long paragraphs

Not everyone has the patience or time to sit down and read long paragraphs. So, if you break down paragraphs and use bullet points, then the audiences will be able to go through your content quickly.

You do not need to be a great writer to be able to write quality content for your website. What you need is a good vocabulary of words, good knowledge on the subject and a few helpful tips to write great content for your site.

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